About Squirrels

We as humanity often forget when we tear down forests to build our houses that the animals we call “pests” such as squirrels, chipmunks, deer, raccoon etc., they were all here first. To the wild life we are not “pests” but rather a threat to their livelihood. We cut down the trees that were once the squirrels home so they have no choice but to make their home in our attic. When this occurs, we contact the nearest Chicago Squirrel Control. However, for these animals, they do not own a vehicle and can only travel so far on their tiny legs, so instead of getting angry at the squirrel that has chewed its way into your house; you should feel sorry for it.


Now of course one cannot reason with a squirrel into moving somewhere else, and even if one could where could it go? The answer is humane squirrel removal. By humanely removing the squirrel everyone wins. To humanely remove the squirrel one should obtain a no kill trap and set it in one’s attic with corn and peanut butter. Once the squirrel has been trapped one can check with state laws but most can be relocated by the trapper or by calling the wild life management services in one’s state.

Once the squirrel is caught, be careful not to get bit as a bite can be very painful and possibly dangerous, if you are handling the cage you should wear very heavy leather gloves and keep fingers away from any holes and hold the cage away from your body. The squirrel is not trying to be mean, it is frightened, imagine if you were that small and a giant had trapped you.

Squirrel in yard

Granted a squirrel living in your attic can be annoying and dangerous and should be humanely removed, but if the squirrels have not decided to make your home theirs, they can be quite fun to watch and feed. Many people buy and set up squirrel feeders outside their window. Squirrels like nuts, bird seed and corn. Remember your house that you claim to own is on land that was once “owned” by the wild life.

The least one can do is pay them back a little. However if you do start to feed them, they may become dependent on the sustenance you provide, so you need to diligently feed them and not slack off especially in the winter when food is scarce in many states. The food you provide during the winter may mean the difference in life and death to a squirrel.